Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cloth Wipes Solution

This cloth wipes solution is the perfect supplement to your cloth wipes routine.

Yield: The size of your storage bottle.
Cost per bottle: Varies
Shelf Life: Indefinite; Store with your cloth wipes stash
Time: Less than 1 minutes
Benefits: Cost effective, organic (if you choose organic ingredients), safe for children and babies, simple and easy to obtain ingredients

1 part virgin coconut oil
1 part extra virgin olive oil

storage bottle
pan (used to melt coconut oil if your coconut oil is solid)


  1. Fill bottle will equal amounts of coconut oil and olive oil. If your coconut oil is solid due to the temperature in your home, melt it before putting it into the bottle. The olive oil will help it from becoming completely solid again.
  2. Shake to mix.
  3. Store in your bathroom next to your cloth wipe stash. 

Where to Buy:
Virgin coconut oil (any brand)
  • Any local grocer
Extra virgin olive oil (any brand)
  • Any local grocer
Storage bottle
  • Reuse an old bottle
  • Local store in the travel accessories section (usually by the travel toothbrush holders, travel-sized shampoo, etc.)

Recipe Notes:
You can alternatively use only olive oil, only coconut oil, or any other oil of preference such as jojoba oil. I keep it simple and use the oils I have available in my kitchen. I do recommend coconut oil at least in some proportion because of its beneficial properties to the skin. If you use only coconut oil and your home is fairly cool, your oil will be hard to use from the bottle as it will be solid.

CAUTION:You may add essential oils such as tea tree, chamomile, lavender or any other soothing and/or anti-bacterial herbs, but some babies and children may have adverse reactions, especially if the essential oil is used in an amount above the recommend usage on the label. I recommend just sticking to the oils in the base recipe so that the same solution can be used for everyone in the house without one or more family members having a reaction. If I were to choose an essential oil to add, it would be lavender as it is the most versatile in its uses and is generally safe for use by all.


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