The Mission

"Starting from scratch, keeping it simple, yet making it all worthwhile"...What does it mean?

Starting from scratch:

It refers to getting back to the basics. This could mean anything from making a sweet potato into a delicious sweet potato casserole to using basic known principles to teach your children to read and write to using herbal concoctions from the garden to soothe and remedy the common cold.

I feel that God gave us all that we need to survive and that man has interfered with that by making our bodies dependent and our minds brainwashed into believing we need commercial made products, which are only proving to do more harm than good to our bodies and our planet.

Keeping it simple:

Trying to make everything from scratch or, for example, to use fresh picked green beans rather than ones that are pre-seasoned and ready to be steamed in a bag in a microwave, can become quite challenging when you decide to apply this habit to everything in your daily life. Therefore, my goal is to find the most efficient, yet simple way to make this all work into my busy schedule. This also becomes a challenge because I so happen to be person who loves change and variety.

And finally...

Yet making it all worthwhile...

This part of my mission is my favorite! Who cares if you make your dinner from scratch, but it tastes gross? Who cares if you save a buck by using homemade laundry detergent if your husband's socks are not clean enough to rub on your face? Who cares if you use all natural dish detergent if your dishes aren't clean and it takes you forever to scrub away that stuck on food? And MANY will care if you decide to homeschool your children and they are not reading or counting at the proper level or higher.

So all in all, every one of my efforts to be frugal, organic, and what some may even call "old-fashioned" must be very worth my while and my dollar. After all, if it isn't, what was my purpose in the first place?

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