Saturday, December 10, 2011

Natural Eyesight

Through my recent research, I've found many resources stating that vision disorders such as myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), even astigmatism or presbyopia (aging vision) can be completely cured or drastically improved without the use of corrective methods such as glasses, contacts, or eye surgery.

I became particularly interested in trying these methods after coming across a website created by a lady named Rebecca Turner, which she explains how she has improved her vision naturally from 20/150 to 20/40 with the help of the program Rebuild Your Vision.

I currently have vision that is about 20/200 with an astigmatism in both eyes, which basically means that anything farther than 1-2 feet in front me is blurry without the use of glasses or contacts. Rebuild Your Vision has been offering a 30-day free trial, 50% off the retail price if you choose to keep the program, and a 1-year money back guarantee, so I have decided to give it a try.

I started the program on Sunday, December 4, 2011. Eager to improve my vision, I dove into week #1 by completing two 25-minute sessions per day; one first thing in the morning and one in the evening before my eyes have gotten too tired. I complete the morning session before I do anything else to ensure that my eyes are at their full potential and to make sure that I complete the routine before I run into a task where my glasses are essential (which is almost everything for me). I usually complete the evening session after dinner because when I've waited until bedtime, my eyes were too tired to complete the entire routine, which is not beneficial.

Week 1 Comments:

  • I have experienced 2-3 second periods of clarity, without straining or squinting, after blinking a few times and then focusing on the eye chart I keep posted 10 feet away from my couch. Since my vision has deteriorated, I have not experienced any clarity at that distance at any time under any known circumstances before I started the program. Vision improvement or vision awareness? Only time will tell.
As of December 30, 2011:

After the 1st week, I have slacked tremendously on the eye exercises, so obviously, no progress has been made. 

One thing I did notice when I was completing the exercises was that the small progress that I seemed to be making was reversing every time I found myself needing the help of my glasses for a long period of time. I decided to purchase a pair of pinhole glasses. I try to use them whenever possible such as when engaging in activities such as watching TV or working on the computer. Due to the drastic condition of my vision, they are a little difficult for me to see out of. The clarity of distance objects or words is fine, but I experience a little bit of double vision. From my research, this is apparently normal for people who have a prescription that is more than 3.00 diopters. 

I plan to get back on track with the exercises soon. Please forgive my inconsistency. I want to know if this program works just as much as those who are following this post, but hey, with two small kids, life is unpredictable and time is no longer yours. 

As of February 1, 2012:

I have been sort of shamefully been avoiding this post...

To date, I have not had any progress. It is very hard to dedicate 25 minutes per day to eye exercises. I have half-heartedly done them here or there when I think about them, but I have read that that will not render results.

I think what makes this most challenging is not actually knowing that this method will work. If I knew matter-of-factly that if I do this, I will get results, I probably would be doing them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My horrendous lack of clear vision and the fact that my eyeglasses look like an arts and crafts project with all the tape holding them together should be enough to push this trial along, but I think
I need more than a testimony to convince me that I should continue with this program. I'll probably be doing more research into how each exercise improves visional acuity and then as I'm doing each one, I won't feel like I'm doing some random set of eye movements and wasting my valuable time in which I would prefer to be using to knit.

I have also read some awesome information in regards to bilberry, which I plan to order from the Bulk Herb Store.

More to come...stay tuned. Feel free to leave your questions/comments or personal experiences on this topic as well. I would love to hear from others who are involved in finding ways to improve their vision.

As of February 28, 2012:

With my glasses completely ruined, I have been forced to "blindly" walk around. When I need to drive, I use an old pair that are falling apart, but that's not often.

Although I have not been faithfully applying eye exercises, I have been applying better eye practices. What I mean is that I have been correcting the habits that probably caused my eye sight deterioration in the first place: starring at the computer for hours without break, squinting to see, which causes eyestrain and reading in low lit areas. 

Now, when I am at the computer I take frequent breaks and I use the free Mac App Time Out, which reminds you to take frequent breaks. I also sit as far as I can stand from the computer screen, which isn't far and I try to focus my eyes to see the screen better, but NO squinting, just focusing. If focusing is not enough to comfortably sit at the distance I am at, then I move a little closer. I HAVE noticed improvement here. The first day I ordered the program, I remembered I did it without my glasses and I had to scoot the screen completely to the edge of the desk toward me to see it. I felt like my nose and the words were going to collide at any given moment. Now, while I'm typing this, I am sitting about 2 feet away from the screen. Although the words are not completely clear at this distance, I can make them out comfortably. I wonder, if I would have been doing exercises all this time, how much farther away I would have been able to sit and see?????

Other than the changes at the computer, I try not to participate in the new found habit of searching the internet or reading in the dark on my phone or iPad before bed after we've turned to lights out. If you're doing this, it's a very bad idea. It is advised that you do not use your backlight as sufficient light to read. You should not read in areas that are not lit well enough to read normal print from a book.

The last major practice that I have been incorporating is focusing my eyes in the distance. When I am watching TV or outside, I find some lettering that is blurry and concentrate on seeing that wording. I usually can accomplish this by blinking several times until it is clear. Once I have gotten a clear or clearer picture than before, I hold my focus on the letters until the focus is lost. This, I think, has been a major part of my vision improvement because I am teaching my eyes to see in the distance again. Nearsightedness is simply caused by teaching your eyes that you don't need to see in the distance because all or most of your daily activities involve only seeing near. To reverse that you must teach your eyes that you do need your distance vision too. 

I have concluded that improving my vision will not be a do this and you are fixed process like the program tried to sell it as. Maybe that will work for someone whose vision is not as bad off as mine, but for someone is as far away from perfect vision as me, it is a process. So down the journey I go.....

I will probably be splitting these blog posts up into little "journal" entries since it's getting so long and just categorize them under eyesight. So be on the look out for the new posts.

I will continue to update this post with my progress of this program, regardless if those results are positive or negative.

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