Friday, December 2, 2011

Sugar Hair Remover Application

Once you've made your Homemade Sugar Hair Remover, here's how you apply it.
    100% Flannel cotton strips
    Spreading utensil (spatula, popsicle stick, butter knife, etc.)
    Damp hand towel (Keep one half dry or also have a dry towel handy)

    Aloe vera (preferably gel vs. juice)
    Arrowroot powder


    1. If hair remover is not pliable, warm it up by placing the jar in a bowl of hot tap water. It is pliable if product "moves" when you turn the jar horizontally. (For overcooked sugar solutions, see Application Notes below.)
    2. Thoroughly clean and dry area where you intend to remove hair.
    3. Optional: Dust on some arrowroot powder to absorb extra moisture. Towel off excess. If skin is clean and dry, this step should not be necessary, but is optional.
    4. Using your spreading utensil, glide a thin layer in the direction of hair growth.
    5. Apply your cloth strip and gently rub your hands across the top of it in the direction of hair growth.
    6. Quickly remove the cloth strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. (This is important because it will not work if you don't remove it in the right direction.)
    7. Reuse the cloth strip to remove hair in places where any hair remover still remains or use your damp cloth to wipe away excess sugar solution. Be sure to dry the area after using the damp cloth.
    8. Repeat steps #4-7 until all unwanted hair has been removed.
    9. Optional: You may apply some aloe vera to the area once all unwanted hair is removed to soothe and heal your hair follicles and skin. The sugar solution was so gentle that I did not find this step necessary; however, everyone's hair and skin are different.
    After refrigeration...Not pliable
    After being warmed in hot water...Pliable

      Before (left portion) / After (right portion)

      Where to Buy:
      100% Flannel cotton strips
      • Cut up old or extra receiving baby blankets
      • Amazon
      Spreading utensil
      • Whatever you have on hand
      Arrowroot Powder (also referred to as arrowroot flour/starch and can be used in cooking instead of cornstarch; much healthier alternative)
      Aloe vera

      Application Notes:

      To avoid being sticky:
      The damp cloth is useful in removing the sticky solution from your hands and body during the application. Just wipe with the damp towel followed by the dry towel and you're ready to continue your application without sticking to everything.

      To achieve maximum hair removal:
      You must pull in the opposite direction of hair growth or it will not work. Unlike wax that pulls everything in its path, including skin, sugaring only removes the hair from the follicle. 

      If no hair is being removed, the hair may be too short. Hair should be at least the length of an eyelash. If length is definitely not the issue, the solution may need to be cooked a little longer. I have had this problem when trying to make a larger batch. Simply place the solution into your saucepan, bring to a boil on medium heat, and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Pour back into your jar and let cool. The solution will now have a dark honey-like color.

      Overcooked solution:
      If you have overcooked your solution, it will be hard at room temperature and completely solid once refrigerated. In this case, to use your sugar solution, you will have to use other means of heating your solution instead of a hot water bath. Try heating the solution in the microwave on 15-30 minute increments until you are able to easily stir the solution with your spreading utensil. Be sure not to overheat to avoid burns. 

      Also, removing the sticky solution will be a little more difficult than just wiping it away. You can still use your damp cloth, but it may take more than a little swipe to remove excess solution once it has cooled as it will become hard.

      To use/make re-usable cloth strips:
      If you are using cloth wipes, as I did, they are not cut as thinly as normal waxing strips. Simply fold down the piece that has been used and re-use until the entire wipe has been utilized. You can alternatively cut these into thinner strips, but you may need to seal the edges so they will not fray when washed.

      You can also use old T-shirts or sheets, extra baby washcloths, or any other piece of cloth to make your strips. I chose flannel because, unlike T-shirts, they don't have much stretch. I figured if it were a piece of cloth that stretched, when I tried to pull the cloth off, it wouldn't be as effective because it would be stretching before pulling away from my skin, making the force of pull to remove the hair weaker.

      Do not heat in the microwave (unless you have overcooked your solution, instructions stated above). Making the product hot is not necessary, it should only be warm. It works at room temperature, which is one of the many benefits it has over waxing.

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