Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get of Rid of Those Banana Guests!

The Gibberish

Anyone love fresh bananas? Personally, I like to eat them when they are perfect and yellow, but from my reading, they are fully ripe once they begin having those browns spots (not brown bruises). Eating the bananas ripe are supposed to easier on your digestive system, plus they are sweeter. Ripe bananas do have a place in my kitchen though...The freezer for my yummy green smoothies and homemade ice creams! ;-) Just peel them, put them in a freezer bag, and freeze. I must say, though, that just throwing unpeeled bananas in the freezer tastes much better, but I decided I got tired of freezing my fingertips as I scooped the frozen banana peel from the frozen banana with a spoon once I was ready to use them. 

The problem

But any-who...If you love organic bananas like my daughter and I, you also know you may not be the only ones hanging around the banana hanger...Gnats/fruit flies are too! (I'm no bug expert, so I'm not sure which one it is or if they are even two different species, but you're more than welcome to research it if interested.) Well, I found a quick solution to this annoying issue....

The solution

Once you bring your bananas home from the store, immediately wash/rinse and dry them before storage. From my reading, gnats/fruit flies lay eggs onto the peels of the bananas and once the bananas ripen, they hatch and you're annoying little friends begin swarming around your house, your bananas, and your diaper pail (which I initially thought was the issue). I keep a spray bottle mixed with water, dr.bronner's and/or biokleen all purpose cleaner, and vinegar for wiping surfaces, so I usually just spray that onto the peels, rinse and dry...Problem solved! Thank goodness!!!!

Hope this helps my banana lovers out there! ;-)

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