Friday, December 2, 2011

Sugar Hair Remover

Hairy, Sweet & Bitter...Oh my!

I've shaved, waxedepilated, and even Nair-ed (before I was mature enough to care how unhealthy the chemicals were). When I shave, the hair grows back within a day and it grows coarser and denser. Once I became pregnant, I finally knocked the Nair and Veet habit and began waxing all those hard to reach areas. The results of waxing were wonderful, but was short lived when my budget's primary bill became "Kids." Lastly, I resorted to epilating, which was, in my opinion, more painful than waxing. However, it fit the bill; I no longer had to buy razors regularly and I still had the long lasting results I received with waxing. But I soon found myself back to buying razors because every time I thought of the epilator, I could feel a sting in the hair follicles of my legs!

My formula for effective hair removal = Little or no pain + low cost + long lasting results...

My solution has finally found me...Homemade sugar hair remover!

Yield: Makes approx. 7 oz.
Cost per jar: $0.57-$0.77 (Cost rises approx. $0.20 when using brown sugar. Cost may vary.)
Shelf Life: Keep refrigerated when not in use. Length of life unknown at this time.
Time: Approx. 10-15 minutes
Benefits: Cost effective, organic (if you choose organic ingredients), simple and easy to obtain ingredients, painless (minor tingle of pain may occur for coarse hair), removes hair not skin, safe while pregnant or nursing, water-soluble

1 cup sugar
1 oz lemon juice (1 freshly squeezed lemon)
1 oz filtered water

8 oz glass jar with lid

Glass measuring cup (1 cup)
Stirring spoon
Cutting knife


  1. Measure 1 cup of sugar in a glass measuring cup and pour into saucepan.
  2. Slice lemon in half and squeeze juice from both halves into measuring cup. This should measure out to about 1 oz. It does not have to be exact.
  3. Fill the measuring cup to the 2 oz mark with filtered water.
  4. Pour the lemon juice and water mixture into the saucepan.
  5. Stir the mixture so that the sugar is saturated in the lemon juice & water.
Sugar is saturated

  1. Heat on medium heat, stirring constantly, until boiling.
  2. Reduce heat to medium-low.
  3. Continue to simmer until all sugar has dissolved completely.
  4. Pour into storage jar.
  5. Let cool.
Cooled consistency (room temperature)

Where to Buy:
Sugar (any brand)
  • Any local grocer
Lemon (any brand)
  • Any local grocer
Glass 8 oz Jar
  • Reuse a small pickle jar or canning jar

Recipe Notes:
You may add essential oils such as tea tree, chamomile, lavender or any other soothing and/or anti-flammatory herbs, such as those used in popular brands such as Moom, but none are necessary. I was going to add a little tea tree essential oil to mine, but I actually liked the lemon scent and chose to stick to the basic recipe.

Removing hair from my arms and thighs (fine hair) was truly painless. That is not an exaggeration. Every time I went to rip the cloth off, I got nervous because I was used to the after sting of waxing, but I laughed every time because it didn't hurt AT ALL! I will update with my results on coarser hair like underarms, lower legs, and eyebrows. I plan to do my underarms and eyebrows today, but my lower leg will have to wait until the stubbles grow back in. 

I actually enjoyed removing hair from my body using this method. I know that sounds absolutely nuts, but I was so excited to find something that I will truly stick with this time. No more shaved stubbles or self-inflicted epilating pain! I better watch out because hubby is not gonna wanna take his hands off these smooth legs. ;-)

Do not use while hot. May cause burns.

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