Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Acne

The wonderful power of herbs...

Baby Bath Herbal Mixture by Bulk Herb Store

My uses: Baby acne, Diaper rash, Soothing bath, Cleansing baby bath, Cleansing hair rinse...and more

Before my daughter was born, I had never heard of the term Baby Acne. When she was about a few weeks old, her skin began to break out in little red bumps. They were on her face, back, shoulders...everywhere. My initial thoughts were that it was either the soap I was bathing her with (which at the time was Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash) or the laundry detergent (Charlie's Soap) I was using. Turns out, it was neither, it was a condition named Baby Acne. I was assured by my midwife and pediatrician that the outbreak was neither irritating or harmful to her. The worst harm it was doing was it's physical appearance; it was simply unattractive. I was told it was something that would just subside in a few weeks or months and no medication was necessary although a cream could be prescribed. I'm not a fan of medication, so in an attempt to use the most gentle cleansing method to bath her in to prevent further irritating her skin, I went to my favorite online herb store, Bulk Herb Store. There is where I found the Baby Bath herbal mix. It is a mixture of lavender flowers, rosemary, rose petals, and yarrow flowers.

I made a strong tea with it and poured it into her bath water. You are supposed to strain the herbs, but I left them so that the tea would continue to steep in the warm water as I bathed her. I didn't use soap of any kind during her bath. I just soaked her in the herbal bath for 15-20 minutes and used a washcloth to rinse her face, body and hair in the herbal water. To my surprise the herbal mixture worked like magic! I couldn't believe that after just one bath her skin condition had improved 80%. I continued the same routine and the baby acne completely cleared up within a matter of 3 days.

Results after 1st bath!

Results after 1st bath!
I loved the Baby Bath herbs so much that I continued to bath her with it instead of soap. The aroma of the herbs  was so relaxing and she looked so beautiful with rose petals floating around her and resting in her hair. It was a calm soothing and bonding time for the both of us. When her bath was over and I dried her off, her skin was so soft that I couldn't stop touching it. And every time I nursed her I could smell her hair, which smelled of sweet rose petals. What a beautiful way to bathe your baby! The Baby Bath is a wonderful addition in a stress-relieving mommy bath as well. ;-)

Now that's a happy baby!

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